About Etnicea

Etnicea; meaning ‘A multicultural Earth. Derived from ‘etnic’ / ‘ethnicity’: belonging to a specific cultural group (out of many others) The word immediately refers to “others”, else the word ethnicity would not need to exist. And the ‘ea’ refers to ‘gaia’ or Earth. Now creating one word to refer to a multicultural planet:

An Etnicea.

In this line of thought – a passion for the history of this planet and awe for the many cultures – a fitting name was given to remind us of our deep connection with each other. That we share one planet, one big home with each other. Some alike, some so different from others. And much of that can observe in art that was made over the ages. Etnicea wants to keep our historical art alive and available to everyone. Etnicea offers exclusive restorations and colorizations for a low price so that everyone on this planet could potentially bring a piece of history into their home.

Etnicea is a unique and innovative company that brings history and art to life. Etnicea specializes in colorizing old etchings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, offering a rich and fascinating glimpse into the past. Through Etnicea you can discover a wealth of information and entertainment, from fascinating historical artifacts to infotainment.

Etnicea is about the power of storytelling and creativity. Creating a grand medley of Earth's history and mythology. Etnicea is dedicated to capturing the spirit of the past, while pushing the boundaries of what could be possible with new technologies for restoration, colorization, upscaling and upgrading.

Discover your world through Etnicea – a unique and exciting journey into the past, present, and future.